Is Depression may be Reason Enough to Receive SSDI Benefits

Is Depression may be Reason Enough to Receive SSDI Benefits?

I have Bipolar depression; do I qualify for SSDI?

Can you get disability for depression? Depression or Bipolar depression can be a significant barrier to living a normal life, having normal relationships, and have a normal work life. While treatment can help manage the condition, there can still be struggles for those who suffer with it. As with injuries and other types of illness, supporting oneself can be a challenge for those struggling with bipolar depression.

can you disability for depression 300x169 - Is Depression may be Reason Enough to Receive SSDI Benefits?The Social Security Administration does, however, consider bipolar depression to be an impairment covered by Social Security Disability. As with any other SSDI application, there are specific criteria one must meet in terms of diagnosis and severity of the condition. The Social Security Administration provides two sets of criteria for bipolar depression.

Either of these sets of eligibility requirements needs to be satisfied by providing appropriate documentation. Knowing what types of documentation are best for presenting a strong application can be difficult, and an experienced SSDI attorney can be a huge asset. They can help you represent your case and may compute how much does disability pay for depression.

Mental illnesses may be reason enough to receive SSDI benefits

Among the least-understood disabilities are mood disorders. The phrase itself is not particularly descriptive; one expert likens the fluidity of diagnosis as with cancer. There is not simply one kind of cancer; for example, skin cancer is very different from lung cancer, which is very different from breast cancer. These cancers function differently and attack different parts of the body. In a similar fashion, a mood disorder could refer to any number of things.

how much does disability pay for depression 300x200 - Is Depression may be Reason Enough to Receive SSDI Benefits?Depending on the type and severity of mood disorder, a person might be eligible to receive Social Security Disability benefits. Mental illness can be a crippling disorder that can prevent an otherwise able-bodied person from working. To the sufferer, a mental illness is just as debilitating as a physical illness when it comes to being able to work.

Unfortunately for many people who suffer from mood disorders, inquisitive people can speculate about what a person is suffering from without truly understanding it. This appears to be with some of the cases like a patient recently announced that he was being treated at a facility for a mood disorder. Now some update news has come that he has been transferred to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic for inpatient treatment of both depression and a gastrointestinal problem.

The physical aspect of that patient’s woes had not been made public before, but his mood disorder had already been responsible for a seven-week leave of absence from his congressional duties. A sitting congressman taking so much time away during an election year would seem to indicate that his issues are real and serious.